Muscle People Physiotherapy offers a range of physiotherapy treatments for neck pain and back pain in Christchurch. Our experienced physios have diagnosed and treated a wide array of spinal problems and can advise you on the best treatment options to relieve your pain and restore movement. In addition to offering physiotherapy for neck & back pain, we also make an effort to educate our clients on the causes of back and neck pain to prevent it from recurring.

Acute pain can occur from injuries resulting from improper lifting techniques, sports accidents or any other accident. Chronic pain may result from poor posture, daily wear and tear or acute injuries that have not healed correctly.

How does it work?

The treatment starts with one of our physios assessing your condition and the cause of your pain. They will create a personalised treatment plan for you and explain to you how your treatment will progress.

Optimal Body Positioning

Part of our physiotherapy treatment for back pain and neck pain is teaching our clients about ergonomics and proper body positioning at home and in the workplace to prevent worsening or recurrence of pain. We also teach proper body positioning for common daily activities such as lifting.

back pain therapy

We use models and videos to help our clients be more aware of the parts of their body and how this is affected by certain movements and positions. Our clients finish their treatment plans healthier, pain-free and more aware of their body and its needs.

Muscle People also offer exercise programs that improve one’s core strength. You can make an appointment today for our physiotherapy for neck pain and back pain Take this opportunity to ask about our Dynamic Spines programme, Functional Training, Oov Classes and Surfset Classes.