About Sam

Through my six years of competitive kickboxing, taking me to compete at a national and international amateur level I have experienced my fair share of injuries.  I understand the frustration of injury preventing you doing the things you love and the importance of correct movement patterns to prevent re-injury.  As a result, I’m very reluctant to tell my clients to simply rest and do nothing until their injury heals.  There’s always ways to enable people to continue doing what they love.

Since working with Muscle People I have been working with the Canterbury Red Devils Ice Hockey team, as their team physiotherapist in a multi-disciplinary team alongside sports doctors.  Throughout the season I’m at their practices during the week and travel with them to away games in weekends. 

I love working with people motivated to get back to their best, who aren’t content to just sit around and wait for their injury to get better.  Our Functional Training Studio is perfect for this.  It enables me to help my patients effectively and quickly retrain dysfunctional movement patterns which reduces their risk of injury and increases performance for their goals, whatever they may be.  I love the challenge of taking people from injury, back to their full activity and sport, and then to enhance their performance and reach levels they previously thought unattainable.