If you are looking to take the next step in your running training, have chat with the expert running coaches at Muscle People Christchurch.

Whatever your goal, we can help you get there faster

If you’re an athlete or recreational runner the Muscle People Running Centre has all the programmes & facilities you need to take your running to the next level. If you’re a beginner, running training will get you started safely & enjoying your running right from your first step.

The 3 key benefits of our running centre are:

  1. Detailed video analysis of your running technique and a plan to improve it
  2. Reduced risk of injury through optimal technique
  3. Improved performance through individualised training programmes

Our running coaches work with runners of all ability levels to improve their running technique & elevate their performance. Our great range of services will help you train & recover like an elite athlete, no matter what your level of fitness.

Running Coaching (Individual and pairs)

Before & after running transformation of an 8-year-old girl. Treadmill is at the same speed and inclines in both shots.

Before & after running transformation of an adult male. Treadmill is at the same speed and inclines in both shots.

Who is it for?

The running training starts with a running assessment with a detailed video analysis of your running style, and from there make a plan to improve it. The coaching sessions then focus on correcting your technique area by area.

How does it work?

We start with a running assessment with a detailed video analysis of your running style, and from there make a plan to improve it.  The coaching sessions then focus on correcting your technique area by area.

We recommend between 4-6 sessions depending on ability, and then many of our clients choose to join RunFit with their new running technique.

Running coaching is suitable for anyone as the running and exercises are performed in intervals, so if you’re worried you’ll struggle, rest assured the session will be pitched at your level.

Running Coaching for Kids

Does your child struggle with school sport?  Do they love running and want to improve?  Running coaching for kids works the same way as it does for adults.  It starts with a detailed video analysis, a plan and then sessions to work on correcting the technique.  For kids, this can improve their confidence with sport, as well as their technique.

What People Have To Say About RunFit

“I’d run a few half marathons and had just completed my first full marathon and found I was getting cramp.  I wanted to run more efficiently, I wanted to get better times and I didn’t want cramp.  The physio used a video programme to analyse my running technique, then talked me through the faults I had and worked through them systematically each week at a coaching session.  To be honest the new running technique felt a bit odd at first, but after a month it felt completely natural.  I noticed a difference straight away, I’m running better, faster and no more cramp!”
- Sam, Age 25.

Injury Management

If you do get injured, you want to have your injury treated by an expert who fully understands the demands of running. Our physios are experts at getting you back on the road as fast & safely as possible, & making sure you fully recover so you can continue running with minimal risk of future problems.


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Who is RunFit for?

RunFit is a running programme with 8-week modules designed to progress on from the individual coaching sessions, though in some circumstances clients can choose to join the RunFit programme directly. It is suitable for the beginner to the regular runner. Whatever your ability, we’ll work with you and help you improve.

How does RunFit work?

The physiotherapist and personal trainer will accompany the group on runs to provide you with immediate feedback on your technique as well as added motivation.

RunFit includes a one hour sessions each week, and three training session by yourself. You’ll receive an email each week from the physiotherapist with tips, and advice on your runs.

Each session is a combination of a core strength exercise programme, running drills and the option of a 2-3km or 5km running route that changes between sessions.

Some  weekly sessions will also include interval/speed training which demonstrates your improvement.


What People Have To Say About RunFit

“RunFit is the perfect combination of running drills, core strength and running and I enjoyed the variety.  The core strength training has helped with my tennis and posture and I’ve learned a lot about running form to help with training in my solo sessions.  The physiotherapist and personal trainer are fantastic and work really well together.  Their on-hand knowledge is invaluable.  The small group environment is very encouraging and works for all abilities.  I highly recommend RunFit – in face I’ve just signed up for more!”
- Celia, Age 28.   

Grace Fursdon, Head of Running Performance


Grace is our resident competitive runner and heads up our Running Centre. She has international training in Running Coaching and Analysis and has a Post-Grad Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine in addition to her Physiotherapy degree. Grace has a background in cross country running and still competes nationally, as well as regularly competing in half marathons taking her to national events. Grace also travels nationally as coach of the Rangi Ruru girls cross-country team.


Grace Fursdon