Physiotherapy, it's so much more than hands-on treatment

We are now offering Telehealth appointments over video chat in which our Physiotherapists are able to diagnose injuries, help you to settle and manage your pain and get you moving again with exercise programs. There is so much more to Physiotherapy than hands-on treatment and we know that now more than ever it is so important to stay on top of your health and wellbeing.

Telehealth – your Online Physio Session

At Muscle People we are committed to using the latest technology in Physiotherapy which now includes Telehealth – your Online Physio Session. We know it’s not always possible to physically come into our world class clinics but with our Telehealth service we can ensure that you continue to receive the same high standard of physiotherapy that you have become accustomed to at Muscle People, wherever you are.

Your Physiotherapist can connect with you online through your computer, tablet, mobile or phone using our secure software program when you cannot come into the clinic for whatever reason that may be.

How can we help through Telehealth?

Whether you are suffering from a new injury, have an ongoing musculoskeletal problem or are preparing for or recovering from surgery we can get you back on track. Video calling allows you the benefit of connecting with your physiotherapist for not only assessment and treatment but also education so that you can have a solid understanding of your injury and your pathway to rehabilitation.

Telehealth provides access to Physiotherapy at times where you previously could not attend, whether for geographical reasons, work or family commitments, meaning your treatment journey continues to progress.

What do I need?

The best Telehealth experience is via video conference using your computer with a webcam and microphone, your tablet, cell phone combined with a good internet speed. If this is not possible, we can consult over the phone but our preference is with video.

We will contact you prior to your appointment to help set you up.