How’s Your Core Strength?

  • Do you want to have better core muscles?
  • Want to push your core strength even further?
  • Oov training strengthens your core, prevents injury, and enhances your performance
  • Classes lead by Muscle People Physiotherapists


What's an Oov?

The Oov is a training device that works your core without you having to try and activate it.  It is ergonomically designed to fit the natural curve of your spine.  Made from a highly durable foam, it doesn’t collapse, but pushes back at your body so that your muscles must engage while using it.

How will an Oov course help me?

Whether you live a sedentary or active lifestyle, coming to an Oov Core course will allow you to function better every day.  The Oov is deliberately unstable, so your brain must constantly adjust your core muscles to remain balanced on the Oov. 

Oov Class Review:


"I had the opportunity to partake in an Oov class and found it really fun and challenging! Once I got the hang of the oov then the exercises began to focus on strengthening my core muscles. Would happily go back and repeat these classes again."

Grant, 56