Who is Dynamic Spines for?

Our Dynamic Spines programme is ideal if you want to improve your core strength or if you’ve got recurrent back pain. Research shows that exercise based programmes that focus on improving core and back muscle strength dramatically reduces the recurrence of back pain.

How Does It Work?
We start with a series of individual sessions with a physiotherapist to assess your needs and to treat any injuries you may have. We then teach you the basics of the Dynamic Spines programme and to teach you how to locate the different muscles used in the programme. You'll receive home exercises to practise before the group sessions as well as each week during the programme.


For an in-depth explanation, click here to view the Dynamic Spines brochure.

The Dynamic Spines Programme Is Split Over Two Levels.

  • The first level, over 8 weeks, teaches you how to activate and then strengthen the key and supporting muscle groups of your core and back. The physiotherapist who leads the programme will help each person based on your diagnosis and ability.
  • The second level of Dynamic Spines, over 8 weeks, progresses you into the dynamic and strength enhancing postural and functional exercises. It focuses on turning those learned skills from Level 1 into habitual movements and improving your strength.