About Karaitiana

Exercising and staying active are essential parts of maintaining a healthy and functional lifestyle, however, sometimes injures do occur. I myself have had a number of injuries which I believe helps me understand where clients are coming from when they talk about how restricting and frustrating injuries can be. Therefore, I have made it my goal to help prevent this restriction and help aid recovery any way that I can. I take a holistic approach to healthcare meaning I look at the bigger picture and how this injury may affect your everyday life. Recovery involves more than just getting back to baseline function it includes creating proactive strategies to help prevent future injuries.

I studied at Otago University and obtained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Throughout my four years of training my favourite part was the look on a client’s face and their excitement when I was able to make instant changes to pain that they had been suffering from for long periods of time. This is a very rewarding job and I enjoy every minute of it.

In my spare time I like to keep myself active and enjoy the weather. In the warmer months I enjoy surfing, skating and running. In the colder months I often go snowboarding and I also regularly go to the gym to help keep myself busy and active. Throughout my years I have been involved in a number of sports including rugby, football, athletics, squash and touch. I always enjoy getting out and doing activities with my day.