About Indie

At 16, I had the opportunity to attend a fulltime ballet school in Christchurch, to pursue a career in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Training 40 hours a week, including Pilates and theory sessions studying the mechanics of the human body, my fascination with the how our bodies move and adapts, grew. The prevalence of injury in the dancing profession is extremely high and I would often see myself and those around me developing various injuries. This in turn led me to my studies at the University of Otago, graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.


In my spare time I enjoy all forms of physical activity with a particular interest in strength and resistance training. Helping others to achieve or exceed their health and wellness goals and return to the activities they love and enjoy is hugely rewarding. The excellent facilities, exercise classes and emphasis on evidence-based practice here at Muscle People gives patients the best opportunity to achieve this, and is a great environment for personal and professional development.