About Diana

I have always had a passion for helping people. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, without being slowed down or affected by injuries. Working at Muscle People has helped me realise just how much more there is to a simple movement, and how much physiotherapy can achieve. Aiding recovery from injury is the main role of a physiotherapist, however, just as important as that is preventing this or a related compensatory injury from reoccuring.

I studied at Otago University and graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, but I am really interested in further post graduate studies, as it is important to continue learning and keep exploring the best current evidence available to support my treatment. I have realised that seeing people walk out the doors of our clinic with a smile on their face and knowledge about what has happened and how we can fix it, is the biggest reward I could ask for.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym as it helps me to learn more about the body and how it works. I have also had my fair share of sports medicing with local rugby teams. During my time I have seen several injuries with the majority resulting from poor technique or faulty movement patterns. I strongly believe that whether you are coming to see us with an injury, or preventing yourself from getting injured in the future, there is always something your physiotherapist can help you with.

Diana speaks Mandarin and sees patients at the Bishopdale clinic so if you or someone you know may need a Mandarin speaking physiotherapist then give us a call and book in with Diana.