About Clare

I have always been fascinated with the human body and how it moves, this is what drew me to physiotherapy, and what I enjoy even now – looking at movement patterns with my patients.  I trained in the UK, headed up a rheumatology unit and developed a rehabilitation gym there before coming to New Zealand on my OE and deciding to stay.

I’ve been part of Muscle People Physio since 1998 and my role as director enables me to continue leading our team of physios to provide world-class care for our patients.  I manage our Early Intervention Programme which works with Christchurch businesses and organisations to provide priority physiotherapy treatment for their employees.

I enjoy the challenge of patients with complex injuries.  Often these are people with chronic or multiple conditions.  I may not be able to remove their condition, but I can do a lot to help them improve their life with it.

I work with patients who have headaches and migraines, vestibular disorders, back and neck pain and Parkinson’s as well as general physiotherapy and sports injuries.  I like to help people help themselves to get more out of life and not let their injury or condition slow them down.