Muscle People

Your Christchurch Physio: Muscle People Physiotherapy was formed in 1998 with a vision of providing professional and personal physiotherapy care.

Muscle People Physiotherapy clinics hold current accreditation status and are audited regularly by Health and Disability Auditing NZ to the Allied Health Services Sector Standards 8171:2005. We are also ACC approved treatment providers.

While certification is no longer mandatory for Physiotherapy practices, we have chosen to meet this high standard to show our clients they can have confidence that we have effective clinical and management systems in place. It also demonstrates our commitment to quality of care, and that we have structured our services to meet the needs of the people who use them.

We take pride in offering an excellent physiotherapy service, which includes:

  • Spending time to get to know our clients (not production-line physio)
  • Highly qualified staff – who undergo regular upskilling
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team (Doctors, nurses, gym instructors, nutritionist, massage therapist, OT, SLT, Psychologists, coaches)
  • Looking beyond your specific injury or disease process to offer guidance with injury prevention and goal setting
  • Working with businesses to provide assessments and ongoing care for their staff

Our Philosophy

Our clinics boast biomechanical assessment programmes based on current, and well-researched evidence with regards to back pain and sports specific biomechanical rehabilitation. This is a first for NZ and an exciting part of the cutting edge services we offer as a business. Muscle People are aligned with several international organisations to ensure we keep up to date with what the best are doing around the world. This collaborative approach with our colleagues in other parts of the world is crucial to our success as a team. We also believe being part of the YMCA and Wigram Health further enhances our services to Canterbury.

Our Team

Laurie Moore

Laurie Moore

Clinical Director, Physiotherapist About Laurie
Clare Brandrick

Clare Brandrick

Clinical Lead, Physiotherapist - City About Clare
Jaclyn Parker

Jaclyn Parker

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist -Wigram About Jaclyn
Sam Frankham

Sam Frankham

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist - Bishopdale About Sam

Izzy McCormick

Reception/Admin About Izzy

Brianna Gow

Reception/Admin About Brianna

Ethan Walter

Reception/Admin About Ethan