About Rowan

The human body is capable of amazing feats of movement, recovery and adaptation. Whether going about your daily activities or training for a marathon, we love to put ourselves to the test. However, sometimes our bodies cannot keep up and an injury can occur.

Growing up, I was hungry for sporting success with rowing. I would push myself too hard which unfortunately lead me down this path and I quickly became a local face at my physiotherapy clinic. Going through my own rehab journey sparked my love for the profession and my passion for helping others. This lead to me to obtaining my Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Otago

Throughout my time I have enjoyed guiding individuals with a range of injuries to reach goals they once thought were impossible. I am excited to be working at Muscle People as our aim is to tailor treatments with a holistic approach to match the specific ability and needs of the patient.

In my own time I enjoy keeping active by going to the gym, falling off my snowboard at Mt Hutt, or getting out on the golf course for a hit around.