About Peter

Pete has been working with Muscle People since 2017, and has been working in the Health & Fitness industry since 2012. After graduating from Otago University with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science, his work has taken him around Australia, Europe and New Zealand, working with clients from professional athletes to post injury / disability rehabilitation. Pete has always been heavily involved in physical activity. He grew up playing rugby, cricket, athletics and anything else he could get involved with! He currently represents New Zealand playing European Handball, and is currently the team Fitness Trainer for the New Zealand Beach Handball team. Pete specialises in Post-injury Rehabilitation, Strength, Power and Muscle Tone Development and Plyometric Exercise

Pete’s clients enjoy a wide variety of training sessions, all tailored to suit the client and help them accomplish their personal training goals. He thrives on finding what you are good at, but also finding something you never thought you could do and ensure you can keep on doing it.